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Data Product Details

Data Product Name: Title III, English Learner (EL) and Immigrant Students Data Collection  (ID: #449)

Associated Internet Link: Title III information

Status: Active

Last updated (Data Product Details): 4/26/2017 8:42:00 AM

Data Product Type: Data Collection

Level of Detail:

 Not CheckedStudent
 CheckedSchool District
 Not CheckedProgram
 Not CheckedSchool
 Not CheckedCounty
 Not CheckedRegion
 Not CheckedOther

CDE Contact: Geoffrey Ndirangu
English Learner Support Division
Phone: 916-323-5831
Common Form Names and Numbers: CALPADS, CARS

Primary Use:

 SelectedMonitoring and Evaluation
 SelectedReporting to the federal government
 SelectedReporting to the state government
 SelectedReporting to the public
 SelectedTo determine the allocation of funding for a grant or apportionment
Key Dates:
  • Due Date: Apr 27
  • Census Date: Oct
  • Public Date: Jun 30
  • Report Date: Dec

Description Abstract:

The purpose of the Title III EL student program is to ensure that all EL students attain English proficiency and develop high levels of academic attainment in English, and meet the same challenging state academic standards that all children are expected to meet. The purpose of the Title III Immigrant Education Program sub grants is to pay for enhanced instructional opportunities to immigrant students and their families. Local educational agencies (LEAs) may choose from activities authorized by Title III. Immigrant Education Program funds are to be specifically targeted to eligible immigrant students and their families through the provision of supplementary programs and services for the underlying purpose of assuring that these students meet the same challenging grade-level and graduation standards as mainstream students. This data collection contains EL student demographics and program support details.

Factors that make this data product unique:


Format of stored data:
  • Microsoft Excel
Primary Location of this data product: At the California Department of Education

Frequency of collection:

 Not CheckedMonthly
 Not CheckedQuarterly
 Not CheckedSemi-Annually
 Not CheckedOther

Subject Area(s) Covered by this data product:

 Not CheckedAcademic Achievement
 Not CheckedAcademics
 Not CheckedCareer Education
 Not CheckedDisciplinary
 Not CheckedEarly Childhood/Child Development
 Not CheckedEducation Agency
 Not CheckedFiscal
 Not CheckedFood and Nutrition
 Not CheckedLearning Support
 Not CheckedMobility
 Not CheckedParent Data
 Not CheckedSpecial Education
 Not CheckedStaffing Data
 CheckedStudent Demographic
 Not CheckedTechnology
 Not CheckedOther
 Not CheckedSchool Identification
 Not CheckedCALPADS
 Not CheckedCourse

This data product is mandated by the following statute(s): Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), Title III

Names of State and/or Federal Programs used to administer/monitor/evaluate this data product by CDE:


Neither privacy and/or confidentiality laws prohibit publicizing certain information contained within this data product.

Method(s) of Dissemination:

  • Custom paper reports (on demand)
  • Other (California Department of Education Web site and by e-mail notification)

Frequency of request: 20 requests per month, by email and phone

This data product is frequently requested by:

CDE: Analysis, Measurement & Accountability Rptg Div (Performance, Planning, and Technology Branch), Educational Data Management Div (Performance, Planning, and Technology Branch), School Fiscal Services Division (Systems Support Branch)
Other State Agencies
Other Federal Agencies (United States Department of Education)
Outside Educational Organizations

Other data products within the California Department of Education used to populate this data product:

  • California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) - Data Collection (Educational Data Management Div, ID:185)
  • Consolidated Application and Reporting System (CARS) Data Collection (Educational Data Management Div, ID:652)

Data products outside the California Department of Education used to populate this data product:


This data product contains information on the following number(s) of education entities:
  • School Sites: 0
  • School Districts: 1185
  • County Offices: 58
  • Adult Education Programs: 0
  • Regional Occupational Centers and Programs: 0
  • Charter Schools: 910
  • Department of Corrections Schools: 0
  • Private Schools: 2131
  • State Special Schools: 0
  • Vocational Education Programs: 0
  • Educational Programs: 0
  • Other: 0

Types of in-house documentation kept on this data product:

 Not CheckedAn administrative manual and/or instructions on the data product.
 CheckedA list of all of the data elements.
 Not CheckedA data dictionary that contains at least the data element format and definitions.
 Not CheckedProcedures for verifying data accuracy.
 Not CheckedProcedures for changing data element structure.
 CheckedThe location of the stored data.
 Not CheckedOther

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